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Bayesian Statistics and Marketing


John Wiley and Sons, December 2005

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Table of Contents


bayesm, an R package to implement models and methods in this book is now available on CRAN.
bayesm contains datasets and code to implement many of the models in chapters 1-7 of BSM. Additional data and code for the case studies is given below:

CS 1: A Choice Model for Package Goods
          run model (R) 
          MCMC implementation (R)


CS 2: Modeling Interdependent Consumer Preferences 
          simulated data
          actual data
          run model on simulated data (R) 
          run model on actual data (R)
          MCMC implementation (R)


CS 3: Overcoming Scale Usage Heterogeneity 
          rscaleUsage implements MCMC for this model.  

          See also dataset customerSat


CS 4: A Choice Model with Conjunctive Screening Rules 
          run model (R) 
          MCMC implementation (R) dll / C code


CS 5: Demand for Variety


          run model (R)

          MCMC Implementation (R)